Ronell’s Book Arrived Safely

Here is the first 2 1/2 pages of Ronell’s beautiful book. I’m not going to show you the cover so you will have a surprise, but I will tell you that the binding is an inspiring variation of the concertina format. I could almost smell the flowers in Ronell’s garden as I opened the package… but it was probably the wax finish on the cover.  She polished the surface with silk. What luxury! Now, what shall I put in her book?




It’s Arrived!

Robyn’s  sketchbook came this morning!   It’s beautiful and it arrived without a scratch.  I’ll post more photos once I’ve had a chance to look at it myself for a while.  (Yes, I am being rather selfish)

Here’s a picture of the outside….

A Polychromatic update

The Polychromatic Behaviour book

Ok, here it is, a little late – the front cover of my book, Polychromatic Behaviour. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a psychological essay or something, but I think it describes what we are dealing with here. 🙂

First spread in Polychromatic behaviour

Also, a bit of my first spread in it. I can´t let go of the view from our kitchen window, though I´ve drawn it so many times. Some days it is so inspiring, I decided to let it be part of the beginning of this book. In a polychromatic manner, of course.

Casey´s book arrived in Sweden!

An important thing happened today: Casey´s book landed in Stockholm! It is unharmed, and right now basking in the evening sunlight on our kitchen table! I can´t wait to start adding to it, I just have to look through Casey´s pages a hundred times first, they are so beautiful!

My sketchbook has taken to flight

Repeating my words of earlier this morning…

“Rainbow moments” has been properly said A BIENTOT to this morning with a coffee and croissant. I had it stamped, approved, paid and I saw it take to flight on its long journey to Lindsay. It almost felt like a child leaving home. I did nurture it and come to love it, with all its flaws and “mess-ups” and frustrsations. Giving birth to it and raising it with love and care and excitement, I felt a twinge of pride and sadness seeing it leave this morning, at the same time hoping it will fare well on its wide travels and adventures and of course I’ll keep the door always open for it to fly back to me whenever it needs home. A little part of me has left along with it this morning, hoping to catch a glimpse of all it is about to experience…..oh ok, sorry, it is only a sketchbook, aiye!”

Wishing a safe flight to all books that are taking off in these next few days! And may the painting in all of them be nothing but FUN!

…cover, or first page, or parcel, or dummy, or clue…?