Making the Header

I had fun taking photos for the header with my son Damien this morning. I threw pictures out of my studio window and he took the photos. We had first tried taking them inside, with a fan, but that was completely unsuccessful. By the fifth or sixth try, we wee starting to develop some techniques, which will probably never be useful to either of us again, but you never know.

Here are a few of our photos.


Author: flyingpictures

After hearing about several molesking exchanges, I, Lindsay in the US, decideded to act on my wishful thinking and asked Casey ( France), Ronell (France) and Vivien (UK) if they would join me in a mad, traveling art adventure. Later, Nina(Sweeden), Robyn (Italy) and Glen (UK) joined us and we officially became international journalling ambassadors with our Flying Pictures Project.

5 thoughts on “Making the Header”

  1. Casey – I think that second photo is wonderful – I love the way some of the pages seem to be wings. Great idea!

  2. Ummmm, that’s me, Robyn making that comment. We all seem to be called flying pictures at the moment.

  3. I haven’t worked out how to get my name instead of flying pictures yet but this is a GREAT idea! – Vivien

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