Kid At Christmas

launch prep

This is part of my secret addition to our books that I’m having a REALLY hard time keeping.  Knowing those wonderful themes, Robyn and Ronell, made me want to spill the beans for mine:



stream       tear                   river






(Don’t I have a one track mind! Me and water!)  Now to work!


ok so I worked it out – slow but I got here :>)

I really like the loose and no-rules approaches

Rainbow and Local Colour – 2 interesting topics :>)

Mine is simply that I’ve put a little pocket in the back cover (which is loose) and put a feather in it.   I’ve drawn it and I’d love it (but not compulsory) if you’d draw either that feather or a local one.   I wasn’t going to mention it, keeping it as a surprise, but thought that if I did, it would give you time if you see any interesting feathers about to save one. 

I’ve left an extra blank page as well as the half but you don’t have to draw there – you can stick a drawing in, draw on your own paper ….. whatever if you decide to do a feather too.

I’d like it if you embellish the cover in any way that takes your fancy :>)

The flying paintings look great!