My Baby’s Got a Name!

When in doubt, send flowers.

I’ve decided I’m not a theme person (couldn’t decide on one), but I do want my baby to have a name. Its name is Different Strokes. Different people do things in different ways that suit them. That’s what we all want, isn’t it? That is what will make these books precious.

Most of my afternoon has disappeared in experimenting with two types of paper, seeing how they respond to different things. I have no idea what either paper is because my Italian is so woeful. The white paper I like hates masking fluid. The cream paper is much more relaxed. But I’ve found a way to avoid the dreaded masking fluid anyway. All this messing around is really putting off the dreaded moment to coming up with my first painting.

So what are the flowers about? When in doubt send flowers, I say.




5 thoughts on “My Baby’s Got a Name!”

  1. I love your name Robyn! And yes, it gives us the freedome to play around with whatever we want, it is actually a great theme at the same time, just think of the interesting strokes your book will “produce”. Your pic is from your garden? Beautiful!I’ll have to drop by your garden site to see it’s coming on there.

  2. Thank you Flying Pictures – is it Vivien? and Lindsay.

    Ronell, I looking forward to all the different strokes. By the way, I took the photo of the flowers in my friend’s garden, my blue flowers are just budding.

  3. I love the name, Robyn. It is hard to get going on that first picture, isn’t it? As this is a shared project, I’m taking it way too seriously – having a hard time getting into that ‘play’ mentality that I need to be in to do anything worthwhile. Thank goodness we’re adding pages as we go!
    And thanks for the flowers!

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