Almost Ready to Fly

There\'s a clue here somewhere

Well it’s been a long haul but once I glue on the front cover, Different Strokes is ready to fly!  All your names are written in the sketchbook in order of distribution.  Too late to get cold feet now!

There’s a clue to content in the mess on my desk.  I couldn’t post a picture of the content, even if I wanted to.  It’s been raining all day so the light is no good for photography.

At least I can relax now until Lindsay’s book arrives in Italy. This is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.


6 thoughts on “Almost Ready to Fly”

  1. It is all getting very exciting now! And I’m looking and looking, searching for this clue…there’s the tulip and the mouse and your pencils…I’m just useless at these guessing games. I’m so looking forward to see “Different strokes”! Now remember to check that you don’t glue your cover upside down…LOL

  2. You won’t have long to wait, Casey , it goes to you first! Don’t get too excited!

    Ronell – It’s a poppy not a tulip – it’s out of focus! \
    And it’s impossible to glue my cover on upside down – I’ve covered all bases because I’m bound to stuff up somewhere LOL.

  3. Robyn, I”m working on my book today and will be thinking of you. Nice to see your work table and I love the hints….but I too am very bad at these games so I’ll just have to settle in for a long wait. I want to post another shot or hint. Maybe the cover.

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