My sketchbook is now ready to go….to Lindsay

Yesterday afternoon I had an angst attack. Nothing would work in my book, everything looked kitch. I called on a broad shoulder to cry on and then had a coffee and then I locked up my left brain. I put on my walking shoes, packed my paintings stuff, put on my hat, turned back inside for a bottle of water and headed out  the gate. When I came back here, I had colour in my book. So here I am with my finished book. And I’m anxious to GO!

Some corners of my book, which will go to Lindsay, as soon as she gives the green light to mail!


…First edition…

…a corner of a rainbow…

…the message…

…a rainbow moment…


Author: Myfrenchkitchen

I live in an unspoiled corner of France. Along with my family, horses and chickens, art and shows, we're restoring an 18th century farmhouse, we commute to Paris, enjoy an everyday café et croissant, paint, photograph, cook and is never dull.

4 thoughts on “My sketchbook is now ready to go….to Lindsay”

  1. What a delicious taste of the main course, Ronell. Looking beautiful! I detect there’s a bike by a beautiful door and I’ve been wishing you’d do some doors. I keep clicking on the corners trying to get the big picture.

    Now I’m so impatient. I wonder who will receive a book first? Certainly not me, in Italy, you can bet on that.

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