I had mail too!!!

I had a lovely handprinted card in the post this morning as well :>)   Thank you Lindsay and I loved the ‘test flight’

I won’t be able to get to the post office until Wednesday – but will post mine then as we are going early – I’m really happy about that as I’m dying to see everyone’s book and I can stop angst-ing about mine when it’s safely on its way!  It’s a Bank Holiday here on Monday and on Tuesday I’m working looooong hours away from town and post offices.

I’ve got one page done for the next one!



6 thoughts on “I had mail too!!!”

  1. Isn’t it amazing they’ve so many of them have arrived on the same day. I can’t wait to get your book, Vivien. I’m going to have to be very patient. I’m wasting so much time just being excited and you have already moved on to your next spread.

  2. If anyone has noticed how many typos I make, please don’t mention it. I’d rather not know. Typos I’ve missed bring me out in a rash (well just about). I’ve just spotted one in my response to Vivien.

  3. that was me – vivien – I haven’t worked out how to stop this using flying pictures as my id!

  4. I have a very long lip here while readinga about your “arrivals”!! LOL..
    Vivien, if you’d like to change your name…log in and then on your dashboard you’ll see “settings” and “users” on the top right side of the bar. Click on “users” which should get you to all the users, us, and there you choose which one you are and clicking on your current name(which is Flyng Pictures I think) you’ll get to your profile and there you can change your display name etc.
    The ball is really getiing rolling now, very exciting.

  5. Not to worry Ronell! Your’s is on its way.
    Thanks for the user info, I’m going to try to change mine now.

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