My Book and packing materials

Well, here it is. My book is ready to travel off to Italy. Robyn, I’ve made it nice and innocent, though it kills me not to decorate the package!  It could be legal documents. Tomorrow is a holiday so I’ll be sending this out on Tuesday.

In the end, I decided against sending the rusty bit of metal on the cover. It’s only a scan of the metal. It will feel less suspicious.


3 thoughts on “My Book and packing materials”

  1. I wish you had posted the BIG size photo, Lindsay, I’ve fogged up my computer screen trying to get in close to read your cover!

    I love it – now I think, if I’ve got the hint, I’m going to have to start thinking of something to do with water. It’s a challenge in a landlocked hill town.

    It’s such a shame we can’t have the beautiful metal bird because of Poste Italiane. We may be being over-cautious but I’d never forgive myself if I was the cause of one of these books going missing.

  2. Yes – I agree with Robyn – that photo is tantalizing – you can almost make it out – but it looks like I’ll have to wait my turn!

  3. Your book looks beautiful Lindsay, so creative! I’m so glad that I’ll have the opportunity to actually hold it in my hand and touching it, let alone being excited about doing something of my own in it.

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