Off into the World

Update – it went off in an envelope after all. My husband thought it would fare better traveling in a letter bag than with the bigger, tougher parcels. Looking at everyone else’s beautiful books, I fear I’ve brought an ugly duckling into the world. Please, be gentle with it when it comes – no mirrors or unkind remarks? I know I can count on you – and don’t forget to draw on the cover – that will help!

My little sketchbook went off to work with my husband today, ready to be packed up in it’s own little A5 box and sent off on it’s worldwide trip – first stop, Sweden! I wasn’t there to wave goodbye, wipe away a tear or give last-minute advice… Now’s the time to trust that I raised it right and that it will do ok out on it’s own. And wait for it to come home transformed.

And I’m looking forward to taking care of Robyn’s sketchbook on it’s first trip away from home.


Author: caseytoussaint

I'm an American who's been living in France since 1985. Married to Michel (who's French) and Mom to Claire, Damien and Paul. For a long time I did the work of a 'professional American in France' eg translation, interpretation, English teaching....and spent a lot of time and energy refurbishing an old house in the Loire Valley. Now I'm trying to put more energy into drawing and painting.

4 thoughts on “Off into the World”

  1. I’d better warn you Casey, I’m not sure if mine is properly house trained yet.

    ‘It’s own little A5 box’ – I wish I’d thought of that. HWEM is worried that the envelope I’ve used to send my book to you isn’t strong enough. I must not let him see your post or it will be ‘What did i tell you!’.

  2. Oh, Casey, I didn’t see your finished book, but knowing you, I’m sure it is beautiful! Most importantly, it will be YOU!If my book was still home, I would’ve redone it, trying to do better! I think we all feel a bit vulnerable putting our handwork out there, especially when we see each other’s books…all of them so creative. This first hurdle is the hardest to cross over!

  3. Casey, I think it will be wonderful no matter what you do. I feel the same tear in my eye sending Robyn my book. I’ve grown so attached already! Our babies are all going on the Grand Tour to help them grow up. I wish I was going too!

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