Volare, oh oh

Mine buzzed off this morning too.

Different Strokes bound for Casey in France

Now I know Casey’s is in a nice safe box, I’m going to be worried sick until she tells me it’s arrived in France.

Different Strokes cover with bookmark.


8 thoughts on “Volare, oh oh”

  1. I’ll be watching for it, Robyn! I’m sure it’ll be fine. Your cover is gorgeous, by the way – mine looks so amateurish next to that!

  2. Oh this looks so beautiful! Is it leather…I love it Robyn..I’m sure you had this done professionally!? Teasing.. Now I only wish you put it on videao to continue on to the first page..

  3. it looks lovely

    mine won’t go til Wednesday as I’m working all day and evening tomorrow :>( I’ve packed it ready to go so I don’t keep fiddling with it!

  4. Casey – I cheated and bought the paper. I was too far down that track when I realized everyone else was making their cover paper 😦 So your’s looks ORIGINAL and CREATIVE, not amateurish.

    Ronell – It’s not leather (I’m an ‘almost’ vegetarian) – it’s embossed paper. (See above) – how I should have been more creative and made my own paper. Frankly, I was having enough trouble working out how to make a cover!!

  5. Vivien – I know the temptation to keep fiddling – but now mine’s gone, I’m sort of missing it. Now I can start getting stressed about the probability of my making a mess of Lindsay’s book. :O

  6. Robyn, its lovely. I used bought paper in mine and you’ll see it later in the rotation. I love the bee! Another flying critter. Different wing shape too!

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