A Polychromatic update

The Polychromatic Behaviour book

Ok, here it is, a little late – the front cover of my book, Polychromatic Behaviour. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a psychological essay or something, but I think it describes what we are dealing with here. 🙂

First spread in Polychromatic behaviour

Also, a bit of my first spread in it. I can´t let go of the view from our kitchen window, though I´ve drawn it so many times. Some days it is so inspiring, I decided to let it be part of the beginning of this book. In a polychromatic manner, of course.

Casey´s book arrived in Sweden!

An important thing happened today: Casey´s book landed in Stockholm! It is unharmed, and right now basking in the evening sunlight on our kitchen table! I can´t wait to start adding to it, I just have to look through Casey´s pages a hundred times first, they are so beautiful!


6 thoughts on “A Polychromatic update”

  1. Yay! I can’t believe it’s already arrived! Yours looks incredible – oh dear, such a long wait before it comes to Amboise…

  2. Nina – congratulations, this looks BIG and beautiful. You will think me pathetic if I tell you what a big fan I am. Enough to say, I know it will be a such a thrill when I eventually get to see it!

    As I said elsewhere, Casey is the Neil Armstrong of FlyingPictures – the first landing. So, when are you going to show us what you received, Nina?

  3. It looks SO creative and beautiful Nina and very polychromatic, in more than one way!I wish I could be in one of those air balloons, hanging there over yur window, taking a closer peep..

  4. This is so interesting! Every time I see your pictures of Stockholm it reminds me of Bern (I haven’t been to Stockholm).

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