Nina’s book has arrived at Vivien – with additions by Glen

Nina’s book is now with me and I have the awful dilemma of following her gorgeous watercolour of the view from her window and balloons and this beautiful painting of poppies by Glen

……………… where’s the chocolate when you need it??????????????? <she wails pathetically>



and the whole spread

How on earth am I going to follow these?

I haven’t worked out how to get images from Photobucket or my computer onto here – so I put them in blogger and copy and paste and it seems to work fine – curious!








Lindsay’s Painting in Ronell’s Book

I’m so excited to  have received Ronell’s book – Rainbow Moments – with Lindsay’s contribution of a beautiful oil pastel landscape.

I’m really in awe of Lindsay’s skill with OP so I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover she had not left me half a page to fill with oil pastels.  She’s given me a lovely transition back to her feather print, so I have room to choose.  Gorgeous, Lindsay!  The water and reflections are beautiful and your palette so reminds me of North America.

It’s also so wonderful to get a good look at Ronell’s delightful cover and pages.  I’ve added photos of everything.  If you double click on them you should get BIG pictures.

Stunning effort so far.  Now the pressure is on to continue.  Thank goodness Lindsay enclosed a First Aid Kit in the package.  I’ll certainly be using it to calm me down and inspire me.

message from Glen

Hi everyone

I received Nina’s wonderful book today – what a start! absolutely brilliant. The glow of colours is immensely successful in tying the painting together in a composition of subtle light and atmosphere, intimate to the painter. I loved the swatch of colours at the bottom of the page and the beautifully coloured lettering. I am in great hesitation of how to add to and follow it.

Joining you in the pantry with the chocolate! My favourites are coffee creams …


sorry this is late – that’s my fault as I forgot to post it for Glen

I’m longing to see all these latest pages IRL


Where did Lindsay’s Canoe go?

A quick update on Lindsay’s book.  First of all, Lindsay’s beautiful graphics look even better in person than they do in a photo, and secondly, Robyn’s addition is really something (can you say exquisite?)  Oh my, where do I go from here?  How to follow up on these two very different but equally gifted artists? Well, actually, I have an idea – let’s see if I can pull it off……

For now, feast your eyes on this!

Nina’s book (polychrome) is with Glen

Nina’s book – which is currently with Glen (but I got a sneak preview and it’s beautiful!)

Isn’t it gorgeous? Her theme is polychrome and there are the most gorgeous subtle colour changes in there with a wonderful sense of light – the golden light of late afternoon/early evening

I love her sense of balance with the other elements as well – the writing, colour swatches and lettering make a really beautiful spread of pages.

The use of watercolour is masterly too.  Glen was really impressed.

A book of all the images is clearly going to be essential – I’ll hate saying goodbye to so many of these.   I’m dying to get it with Glen’s pages added.