Lindsay’s Book Arrives in Record Time!

Lindsay\'s Book in Tuscany

It’s seems almost before it was posted Lindsay’s book is here in Tuscany! Good Ol’ Poste Italiane must have known how impatient I was to receive it. And it’s beautiful! And it comes with some exciting bits and pieces that I couldn’t wait to start playing with.

Open the Envelope!

No, you can’t peek inside.

Look at this gorgeous river weaving it’s way though the mountains and look at those canoes, inspired by Lindsay’s own passion for the sport and her love of waterways.

And now I’m working on carrying Lindsay’s water theme into my pages. First of all I have to decide what I’m going to add to that last half-page. Yum. I’ve never thought about collage before.

Lindsay\'s Sketchbook Cover


5 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Book Arrives in Record Time!”

  1. Aw shucks! Thanks guys. You are all inspiring me to try some new stuff.
    Ronell, I’m having great fun working on my pages for your book. I’ll work on it some more tomorrow.

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