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Author: caseytoussaint

I'm an American who's been living in France since 1985. Married to Michel (who's French) and Mom to Claire, Damien and Paul. For a long time I did the work of a 'professional American in France' eg translation, interpretation, English teaching....and spent a lot of time and energy refurbishing an old house in the Loire Valley. Now I'm trying to put more energy into drawing and painting.

6 thoughts on “Check out my Slide Show!”

  1. Gosh, Casey, I don’t know what you’ve done but my pages look so much classier than they did when they left here. Thank you 🙂 Brilliant way to display all the books. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can do this with Lindsay’s.

    Thank you Nina!

    And thank you Vivien – yes, it is an old olive grove.

  2. This is such a fancy way to present! What a rich contrast. I love the soft olive grove next to the illustrated flowers. It would be fun to show all the books this way!

  3. My 20 year old son – who’s a pretty tough art critic – was really impressed with that olive grove.

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