Lindsay’s Book Flies On

Lindsay’s book is now on its way to Casey in France. I was so sad to see it leave this morning.

Lindsay’s little canoe (above) passes through Tuscany on its way to where? That’s all I’m saying! You’ll have to wait for Casey to show you.


6 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Book Flies On”

  1. A canoe trip to Italy!!! Now that’s a thought. I just read in the NYT about a young couple who brought an inflatable kyack to Venice! They said it’s impossible to rent one so brought their own. Now that’s style.

    Can’t wait to see where that little canoe is going.

  2. I just realized this is still part of Lindsays pages! I couldn’t grasp it yesterday that you could SO exactly continue on with what she did…it haunted me last night, I wanted to know how you did it, and when I checked again this morning, I went back to your first posting of her book and saw that this is her last 1/2 page? Speak of stupidity! So, is it on its way to Venice?

  3. this is lovely and continues so effectively!

    I can’t wait to see it – love the little canoe travelling onwards :>)

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