An update on Casey´s book

Since Casey already posted a photo of her own spreads I just wanted to give you all a closer look at a couple of her drawings in the book. They are so lovely, the colours are all juicy and flowing, and it looks so wonderful!

One of Casey´s drawings

Another of Casey´s drawings

I was very inspired by all the scenes Casey had painted in the book, so I went out in Stockholm and did something similar – found some local colour in town and tried to capture it on the pages. A little preview here:

One of Nina´s drawings in Casey´s book

I had a splendid day with Casey´s book out on the town. I took my bicycle out for a ride with the book in a bag, and enjoyed a long sunny hot day with lots of drawing. The book will soon be on it´s way again, I just want to add a few more details before I´m done.

Oh, and Robyn´s book has arrived here in Stockholm too, it came yesterday. I don´t want to start working on it until I am done with Casey´s book, though, so it´s still resting on a table here. It´s such a beautiful book, and it is really exciting to get a book where TWO of you have made your marks already!


3 thoughts on “An update on Casey´s book”

  1. Glad my book made it, Nina. I’m so delighted and excited you are going to be part of it.

    I love the glimpse of your local colour you’re showing from Casey book. These lovely loose watercolours from you both are going to be a hard act to follow. I think I’ll need to take some sort of muscle relaxant!

    And we still have to see what Casey has painted/sketched in my book. Wonderful.

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