Nina’s book (polychrome) is with Glen

Nina’s book – which is currently with Glen (but I got a sneak preview and it’s beautiful!)

Isn’t it gorgeous? Her theme is polychrome and there are the most gorgeous subtle colour changes in there with a wonderful sense of light – the golden light of late afternoon/early evening

I love her sense of balance with the other elements as well – the writing, colour swatches and lettering make a really beautiful spread of pages.

The use of watercolour is masterly too.  Glen was really impressed.

A book of all the images is clearly going to be essential – I’ll hate saying goodbye to so many of these.   I’m dying to get it with Glen’s pages added.



Author: flyingpictures

After hearing about several molesking exchanges, I, Lindsay in the US, decideded to act on my wishful thinking and asked Casey ( France), Ronell (France) and Vivien (UK) if they would join me in a mad, traveling art adventure. Later, Nina(Sweeden), Robyn (Italy) and Glen (UK) joined us and we officially became international journalling ambassadors with our Flying Pictures Project.

7 thoughts on “Nina’s book (polychrome) is with Glen”

  1. Nina – This is stunning and so very ‘Nina’. Those little colour swatches are a gorgeous addition. I look forward to eventually getting to read your thoughts.

    Thank you too, Vivien for posting such a lovely large photograph of Nina’s pages. I can almost step into the picture.

  2. Vivien, thanks for posting such a lovely image of Nina’s amazing work! This is just stunning, like robyn says and you can’t get more polychromatic than this. Beautiful Nina! I am…1, 2, 3rd in line to get your book!

  3. Thanks a bunch for your kind words! Vivien, I´m amazed at how you managed to post such a large image, and I´m starting to like WordPress more and more for all the possibilities I´m discovering. 🙂

  4. Oh my! This is absolutely breathtaking! I can’t wait to see it in person – so far the work I’ve seen in person is even better than online.

  5. I agree – this looks even better IRL :>)

    I actually just copied and pasted the post from my blog and then edited it a little as putting images on in wordpress is a bit different from blogger and I’ve discovered this works :>)

    I reduced the image to 15 cm wide (6ins) and 100 dpi – so it gives a good image but not a good print for anyone to steal.

  6. Wow! What a wonderful spread. Nina those colors are so rich! I too like the use of space and text with those swatches. A very fine page.

    Vivien, I got your book with Ronell’s pages and I’ll post them soon. You’re going to go bananas.

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