You Say Good Bye and I Say Hello

What a pleasure it is to hold Vivien’s textured book and see all the beautiful work and inspiring words. The book is starting to acquire some heft. These babies could get a bit bulky in the next round. (Note to self: get bigger envelopes.)

OK, I’ve figured out how to re load this picture in a larger format.  This should be a bit clearer.


6 thoughts on “You Say Good Bye and I Say Hello”

  1. Fantastic, it’s on it’s way! I think it’s going to arrive while I’m in London. What a lovely treat it will be to come home to.

    I can see umbrellas there so I’m thinking it must be Ronell’s local market. I can’t wait to see it! Any chance of a bigger photo, Lindsay? I’m going to burst if I have to wait until the weekend after next.

  2. and it’s going to be MINE!!!!! it’s in my book :>) I was so busy looking at the painting that it didn’t click until I looked again this morning that it was in my book!

    such varied work :>) the book is going to be lovely

  3. What does not show up well in the photos is the crowd detail in the background. Ronell has really captured the feel and bustle and charm of the moment. The feathers are so lyrical also.

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