Lindsay’s Painting in Ronell’s Book

I’m so excited to  have received Ronell’s book – Rainbow Moments – with Lindsay’s contribution of a beautiful oil pastel landscape.

I’m really in awe of Lindsay’s skill with OP so I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover she had not left me half a page to fill with oil pastels.  She’s given me a lovely transition back to her feather print, so I have room to choose.  Gorgeous, Lindsay!  The water and reflections are beautiful and your palette so reminds me of North America.

It’s also so wonderful to get a good look at Ronell’s delightful cover and pages.  I’ve added photos of everything.  If you double click on them you should get BIG pictures.

Stunning effort so far.  Now the pressure is on to continue.  Thank goodness Lindsay enclosed a First Aid Kit in the package.  I’ll certainly be using it to calm me down and inspire me.


8 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Painting in Ronell’s Book”

  1. Oh Robyn…aren’t these two pages beautiful!! I adore Lindsay’s oil pastel work and this is breathtaking..I coudn’t be happier having this painting in my book! I’m So looking forward seeing what you’re going to add!
    PS: I just posted these first sketches of my book on my blog, (not having anything else to post) not knowing you were going to post mine here again as well…speak of feeling awkward!

  2. Nobody is going to complain about looking at your beautiful sketches in two places, Ronell. And yes, Lindsay’s painting is beautiful – it makes me want to buy a canoe and get in there. 🙂

  3. Blush blush…thanks people. I’m glad you posted Ronell’s beautiful cover. Feel that finish???

    Robyn, if you still think that first aid kit is ok to send through the post, great. But if you think we should post it electronically (and you get the kit) just go ahead. I really got nervous that some postal clerk would feel the contents and think they were not something totally innocent. I’d hate to hold up the speed of the book because I was trying to be cute.

  4. Lindsay – If the package got through Italy, it will get through anywhere! Although … a friend of mine did have a jar of Black Bean Sauce confiscated at a London airport. Have you ever seen a grown woman sob over a jar of Black Bean Sauce? 😉

  5. :>D

    these are absolutely lovely :>) and so characteristic of the areas and the artists – I’m really looking forward to seeing it

    As these books get better and better it gets scarier and scarier to add to!

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