Vivien’s art in Nina’s book – polychromatic behavior.

I’ll start off with a confession. I’ve had 2 books here in Montlouis for the past 2 days! I had Nina’s book and then Speedy Conzales(Vivien) caught me redhanded with Nina’s book still on my lap, when I received Casey’s book yesterday! But I can also be Speedy Conzales under the right circumstances and quickly completed my contribution in Nina’s book yesterday late afternoon and it is already on its way to Lindsay. It was actually fun to have two books on my table.

So here is what Vivien did in Nina’s stunning book…where Glen’s dramatic and atmosheric flowers ended, Vivien started with the complete opposite and did soft watercolour panels, depicting  cool summer morning, moonrise in winter, and the prospects of a “lovely day” on its way.

…cool summer morning…moonrise in winter…going to be a lovely day…

Then she went on to a more dramatic after the rain and sunset on a windy day.

…after the rain…sunset on a windy day…

Het last two panels were done in pencil, depicting a winter evening and approaching rain. And you’ll see the snippet I’ve added to continue my piece..I’ve decided to seek shelter in the jardin du Luxembourg in Paris from the “approaching rain”…

…evening in winter…approaching rain…jardin du Luxembourg…

They all have such a wonderful variety of colour and atmosphere…truly beautiful work Vivien!


Local Colour

I’ve finished my additions to Casey’s book and here is a small section of it

it will be flying off to Ronell very soon :>)

Casey your cover was already too narrow once I’d added my work and the pages wouldn’t fit! so as there are still several people to add to it I enlarged it –  I hope you don’t mind – I cut it and inserted a section at the spine to make it deeper.  I’ve left it for the last person to attach the back cover as it will get a whole lot thicker before it arrives back with you :>)    I do hope that was ok?


Rainbow Moments

Whew! I’m finally making some progress in Ronell’s book! I’ve been extremely blocked on this one – something about the title, which is very Ronell, and not Casey at all! So how was I to do anything that wasn’t a carbon copy of Ronell’s unique vision and style? Lindsay and Robyn managed it – but seeing their solutions seemed to block me even more….

And then, late yesterday afternoon, while fussing and fiddling, and remaining very unsatisfied, the solution came together. Proof that the best method is to do something and work it through. My original idea is in the bin (due partly to my having spilled red ink all over it, but it was garbage anyway). That’s the real beauty of this project for me – it forces me to work into new directions, which is a lot of fun once you’ve moved past the block!

And now, fellow flyers, I shall share with you Robyn’s gorgeous work. By the way, Robyn, you are more than a little bit responsible for my panic attacks! Each sketchbook I get seems more incredible than the one before it….

None of these images do justice to Robyn’s paintings, by the way. The detail work is really stunning.

And here’s a bit of a preview of mine – it’s finished but must now be cut to size, which could be a problem. I’m afraid I haven’t left much room on the page for Nina…

Vivien’s Book with Additions by Lindsay

Vivien’s book arrived in Tuscany in double quick time.  I wasn’t prepared for all this beautiful art in one helping.  I’ve been just sitting staring at it for days.  Now I have to share.

Oil Pastel – Lindsay Olson

Oil Pastel – Lindsay Olson

You can imagine, landlocked as I am, that these sights of blue/turquoise sea and golden sand filled me with longing.  Beautiful, Lindsay.  Your pure colours are vibrating with excitement. I must go down to the sea…..

But there is more..

a series of tiny panels, inspired by Vivien’s recent exhibition and recently published book.  You can read more about this in the previous post, where Lindsay shows the panel she has added to the cover of Vivien’s book.

And finally one of Lindsay’s signature feathers to link Ronell’s work with her own.

And finally a scattering of sweet, pressed violets inside the front cover.

I would really love to re-post every beautiful piece of art in this book.  Vivien’s  work has delighted me ever since I first saw it and Ronell has made an outstanding and thematic contribution which I would love to see you post some close ups of please, Ronell.

This book is now so big I can’t fit it on my dining room table – it is a feast!

Where do I go from here?!  I know I need to paint/draw a feather.  After that…. realise I am in very deep water indeed.

Vivien’s Cover


This is the cover of Vivien’s book. My addition is the stripe of color on the right hand side. If you look at Vivien’s Blurb book, she has several of these strip paintings on the back cover. I wanted to have a little visual talk back from her inspiration!


My link button is not working today so here is the address of Vivien’s book×240

Robyns book – an update

I am finally posting some pictures from Robyn´s beautiful book. Travels and people visiting made computer time very limited here for a while, I´m sorry for the delay.

This book is stunning, with it´s chocolate coloured cover (see earlier posts) and incredible artwork. Casey hooked on to Robyn´s “chocolate box cover” type of images:

The blue envelope contains something that has to do with the image, but of course I won´t tell you what it is.

Now, when it comes to chocolate, I am a bit ambivalent. Sometimes I crave it, sometimes I couldn´t care less. Right now, I´m not very interested, so starting where Casey ended (kind of) I led my images over to something else. I give you a little sneak preview here:

And now the book is off to England, bye bye little chocolate coloured beauty!

Glen’s flowerbook is with Ronell.

I have finished my contribution in Glen’s flowerbook and will now send it off to Lindsay.


…Intro pages 1,2,3,4 by Glen-a chinese garden… 

…Pages 5,6,7 by Vivien-autumn undergrowth and experiment with watercolor…

…Pages 8,9,10 by Ronell-une journée à la campagne…