Farwell to Vivien’s Book

I’m dragging my feet to the post office today to send Vivien’s book off to Robyn.  May it travel swiftly and safely into Robyn’s hands.


5 thoughts on “Farwell to Vivien’s Book”

  1. Oh the agony and the ecstasy! Agony because I haven’t finished my pictures in Ronell’s book yet, ecstasy because I’m finally going to get my hands on Vivien’s book. And agony again because I have to paint in it! eeeek!!!!

    I love your little preview, Lindsay.

  2. I know I’ll love what you do Robyn – don’t worry!

    I’m happy it’s travelling on – ever closer to me seeing the finished book :>D

    and I think I know where I’m taking Nina’s book and hope to be getting on with that today :>)

    lovely flowers

  3. This looks so exciting again! I love these little teasers everybody posts, it really heightens the suspense. By this stage I also have to keep my wits about me to know whose book is with whom and which book is on its way where! but it adds to the surprise! Safe travellings to Vivien’s book!

  4. Oh, and don’t be in too much of a hurry with Nina’s book Vivien…I’m still stuck in the dark here with your and Glen’s “high standards”…maybe you should lower the bar a bit, so I can reach it!

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