Robyns book – an update

I am finally posting some pictures from Robyn´s beautiful book. Travels and people visiting made computer time very limited here for a while, I´m sorry for the delay.

This book is stunning, with it´s chocolate coloured cover (see earlier posts) and incredible artwork. Casey hooked on to Robyn´s “chocolate box cover” type of images:

The blue envelope contains something that has to do with the image, but of course I won´t tell you what it is.

Now, when it comes to chocolate, I am a bit ambivalent. Sometimes I crave it, sometimes I couldn´t care less. Right now, I´m not very interested, so starting where Casey ended (kind of) I led my images over to something else. I give you a little sneak preview here:

And now the book is off to England, bye bye little chocolate coloured beauty!


5 thoughts on “Robyns book – an update”

  1. It’s so exciting when our books are updated, but I can say now there is nothing more exciting than to know the beautiful pages that have been added to this book are now MINE, MINE, MINE! 🙂

    Casey, I’m thrilled to have that beautiful French vista. But I have so long to wait to open the little blue envelope.

    Nina, I love your beautiful watercolour glazes. I can’t wait to see beyond this handsome chap.

    Thank you both, this is much better than chocolate!

  2. oh it won’t be long til I get to see it! it’s looking great :>)

    my next one is on it’s way to Ronell now

  3. I think all the creativity in the linking of pages is great. And I love the little blue envelope and its secret.

  4. I’ve just put your name down on a list for awards on my blog – feel free to ignore this if you don’t have time! I caught a sneak preview of your sketchbook at Ronell’s and it’s really looking gorgeous, by the way!

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