Vivien’s Book with Additions by Lindsay

Vivien’s book arrived in Tuscany in double quick time.  I wasn’t prepared for all this beautiful art in one helping.  I’ve been just sitting staring at it for days.  Now I have to share.

Oil Pastel – Lindsay Olson

Oil Pastel – Lindsay Olson

You can imagine, landlocked as I am, that these sights of blue/turquoise sea and golden sand filled me with longing.  Beautiful, Lindsay.  Your pure colours are vibrating with excitement. I must go down to the sea…..

But there is more..

a series of tiny panels, inspired by Vivien’s recent exhibition and recently published book.  You can read more about this in the previous post, where Lindsay shows the panel she has added to the cover of Vivien’s book.

And finally one of Lindsay’s signature feathers to link Ronell’s work with her own.

And finally a scattering of sweet, pressed violets inside the front cover.

I would really love to re-post every beautiful piece of art in this book.  Vivien’s  work has delighted me ever since I first saw it and Ronell has made an outstanding and thematic contribution which I would love to see you post some close ups of please, Ronell.

This book is now so big I can’t fit it on my dining room table – it is a feast!

Where do I go from here?!  I know I need to paint/draw a feather.  After that…. realise I am in very deep water indeed.


8 thoughts on “Vivien’s Book with Additions by Lindsay”

  1. these are fabulous!!!! I’m so lucky that this is MINE MINE MINE – all mine!!!!!! , D >

    I didn’t realise the violets were on the inside cover – how lovely and what a great idea :>)

    I know just what you mean Robyn because I’ve had to keep looking again and again at the books I’ve had so far – you’ll love them when they get to you

    I’m so happy the feather theme continues – and the gorgeous colours in those waterways and long thin glimpses – just luscious

    I’m off to bed tonight a very happy bunny!

  2. These colours are SO beautiful, their purity is stunning. It’s fresh and clean, almost transparent. And true to Lindsay, she has added lovely little surprises everywhere! this is so beautiful and you’ve done a great job in showing Robyn. Oh, and I’m not worried about you…, you do extremely well with deep waters..

  3. Wow – I can’t stop staring at those incredible stretches of blue – they just transport you. You are a wonderful colorist, Lindsay! I’m very curious, but also extremely nervous about what Robyn will add. Nervous, because afterwards the book will come to me, and she’s such a hard act to follow!

  4. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I was working from my on site sketches of our trip to Zion Illinois and working out the issues in my sketchbook first really helps alot! I can hardly wait to get Glen’s book and see all the lovely art work in her book. I have lots of new sketches from our trip to Michigan this week.

  5. I’ve just nominated you for a couple of awards on my blog – please only do what you have time for!

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