Rainbow Moments

Whew! I’m finally making some progress in Ronell’s book! I’ve been extremely blocked on this one – something about the title, which is very Ronell, and not Casey at all! So how was I to do anything that wasn’t a carbon copy of Ronell’s unique vision and style? Lindsay and Robyn managed it – but seeing their solutions seemed to block me even more….

And then, late yesterday afternoon, while fussing and fiddling, and remaining very unsatisfied, the solution came together. Proof that the best method is to do something and work it through. My original idea is in the bin (due partly to my having spilled red ink all over it, but it was garbage anyway). That’s the real beauty of this project for me – it forces me to work into new directions, which is a lot of fun once you’ve moved past the block!

And now, fellow flyers, I shall share with you Robyn’s gorgeous work. By the way, Robyn, you are more than a little bit responsible for my panic attacks! Each sketchbook I get seems more incredible than the one before it….

None of these images do justice to Robyn’s paintings, by the way. The detail work is really stunning.

And here’s a bit of a preview of mine – it’s finished but must now be cut to size, which could be a problem. I’m afraid I haven’t left much room on the page for Nina…


Author: caseytoussaint

I'm an American who's been living in France since 1985. Married to Michel (who's French) and Mom to Claire, Damien and Paul. For a long time I did the work of a 'professional American in France' eg translation, interpretation, English teaching....and spent a lot of time and energy refurbishing an old house in the Loire Valley. Now I'm trying to put more energy into drawing and painting.

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Moments”

  1. Robyn, I just love how you handle your edges in these sketches and they are lovely. The desk painting is a great idea for a transition.

    Casey, do I see a bit of collage in that sneek preview?

  2. Casey – Your guess is as good as mine in terms of how any of my attempts are going to turn out. The fact you are always so supportive and kind gives me the confidence to keep going. Thank you 🙂

    Lindsay – Thank you too. I’m now confronting adding to your last half page in Vivien’s book and am very nervous indeed.

    Casey, I thought I saw some collage in your preview too – it’s looking very exciting.

  3. lovely :>) – can’t wait to see them

    and not waving but drowning??? I did a book of digital images on that theme! it was during my degree when I was doing the degree part time, working part time and had the family to cope with as well and that is just how I felt at times!

  4. You’re right, guys – it’s collage.
    I don’t really want to pass it on just yet – I keep looking at everyone’s beautiful work. My excuse is that I’ll let Ronell have a sneak preview while it’s here in the neighborhood, and I haven’t been able to get in touch with her latelely…

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