Bye-bye to Vivien’s Book!

I’ve held on to it long enough. It’s packaged up and ready to go to work with my husband tomorrow – and then off to Sweden (sigh)…

Here’s a preview of my contribution.

Bon voyage!


Vivien’s Book – Still here in Amboise…….

Finally – I’m back from vacation, my guests have all gone, my children are away for the day, my scanner’s working beautifully, nobody’s working on my computer to set up a web site – conditions are finally right for catching up with flying pictures!

I’ve started on my pages in Vivien’s book and I hope that by tonight inspiration will have carried me through this project. I’ve only just realized that I never even shared Robyn’s gorgeous work with the rest of you, and I apologize for that! I’d begun scanning her work during my scanner’s recent illness, and my son Damien had to step in in the middle of it all to fix it up. I never got back to my posting….

So here they are (with a bit of Lindsay’s work too, I believe) – and they look even better in real life.

Sorry for the delay, Nina. I’m working on it now!

Ronell´s book

These are Casey´s pages in Ronell´s book, Rainbow moments, which is now in Stockholm waiting for me to add some work to it. I love this idea of both painting and collage in the same image, and the pages are so beautifully composed!

I´ll post another image from my work in this book when I´m done. So far I have only added the pages… 🙂

Ronell’s Page TWO books

Ronell’s pages in Glen’s book part one


Ronell’s pages in Glen’s book part two


Ronell’s pages in Nina’s book

Sorry for such a long delay in posting these beautiful pages by Ronell. The day before I left for vacation I had not a clue what I’d do in Glen’s book, let alone Nina’s book which popped though my mail slot not a moment too soon.  I’m really glad I did not work on Glen’s book before vacation because I had a really great idea for it while we were in California.  It’s now complete and heading for the post office tomorrow.  I also have an idea for Nina’s book but it will take just a bit longer to do. So, I’m taking a relaxed attitude about being late and know you’ll all understand. 

I’ve been thinking lots about you Vivien and sending you  cyber hugs. (((((Vivien))))

Lindsay´s book

Finally an update on Lindsay´s book, which I have shamefully kept for too long (a slight renovation in our summer house came in between me and the book, and I was short of time so had to finish on the house first). It´s an amazing book, with the red canoes travelling across pages… Love it!

This is Casey´s additions to the book, a mixture of collage, drawing and watercolours. (And crayons, I think?).

And then a peek preview on my own work. I discovered AFTER I had packed the book in an envelope that this image is blurry, so not much to do about it. You´ll have to make do. 🙂