Lindsay´s book

Finally an update on Lindsay´s book, which I have shamefully kept for too long (a slight renovation in our summer house came in between me and the book, and I was short of time so had to finish on the house first). It´s an amazing book, with the red canoes travelling across pages… Love it!

This is Casey´s additions to the book, a mixture of collage, drawing and watercolours. (And crayons, I think?).

And then a peek preview on my own work. I discovered AFTER I had packed the book in an envelope that this image is blurry, so not much to do about it. You´ll have to make do. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Lindsay´s book”

  1. this looks wonderful! I love the way the little red canoes have been woven through this book :>) – can’t wait to see it

    lovely landscapes and beautiful colours

  2. Beautiful! I love the way Casey has incorporated her collage and the way you’ve brought the little canoe to rest in Sweden, Nina. Lindsay’s theme is working a treat.

  3. pant pant….I just got back from vacation and I’m just getting back into checking on all the projects. This is wonderful and I’m so excited!! This is just beautiful.

    Please do not feel obligated to use those little red canoes if they do not fit with your ideas!! Just a bit of silliness.

    Take care everyone! I’ll post Ronell’s work in not one but TWO books sitting in my studio. Luckily, I have 2 ideas I’m working on, so Robyn, you’ll see them soon.

    Real life is calling. I have too much to do before school starts next month.

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