Ronell´s book

These are Casey´s pages in Ronell´s book, Rainbow moments, which is now in Stockholm waiting for me to add some work to it. I love this idea of both painting and collage in the same image, and the pages are so beautifully composed!

I´ll post another image from my work in this book when I´m done. So far I have only added the pages… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ronell´s book”

  1. Wonderful, Casey. What I really love about this art is that not only is the collage and watercolour combination delightful but it’s so personal for Ronell. Brava!

  2. oooh beautiful mix of collage and paint!

    you’ve added the pages before working on them? now there’s Brave!!!! I’m a chicken and do the work first, then add. :>)

  3. Thank you for the compliments! This was really fun to do – and Lindsay, youo’re the one who gave me the idea to use collage in these books!

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