Ronell’s Page TWO books

Ronell’s pages in Glen’s book part one


Ronell’s pages in Glen’s book part two


Ronell’s pages in Nina’s book

Sorry for such a long delay in posting these beautiful pages by Ronell. The day before I left for vacation I had not a clue what I’d do in Glen’s book, let alone Nina’s book which popped though my mail slot not a moment too soon.  I’m really glad I did not work on Glen’s book before vacation because I had a really great idea for it while we were in California.  It’s now complete and heading for the post office tomorrow.  I also have an idea for Nina’s book but it will take just a bit longer to do. So, I’m taking a relaxed attitude about being late and know you’ll all understand. 

I’ve been thinking lots about you Vivien and sending you  cyber hugs. (((((Vivien))))


7 thoughts on “Ronell’s Page TWO books”

  1. WOW! A double helping of Ronell is a spectacular visual feast.

    I’ve been dying to see all that beautiful watercolour wisteria and how clever, Ronell, the way you’ve incorporated the photographs into your paintings in Nina’s book. I can’t wait to see these IRL.

    One at a time please, Lindsay or there just won’t be enough chocolate in all Perugia to see me through this challenge.

  2. NOt to worry Robyn…I have the idea for Nina’s book but have not started it. I’ll space it out. We don’t want to over tax the chocolate market. It’s voliltile enough,

  3. oh these are wonderful! and well worth waiting for I love the interweaving of the elements

    I haven’t picked up the book from Glen yet but can’t wait to see my next one to work in :>)

    I’m worried about chocolate supplies in England ….

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