things are moving again :>)

I have 2 books and I’m really enjoying them!   I’ll try to move them on asap and will photograph them soon for you.

Everyone in my classes is amazed by them and loves all your work

Glen has added a stunning one to yours Lindsay – with typical Glen apologies because it got a bit thick with the collage she used!


Lindsay’s Leaves in Nina’s Sketchbook

Cambria Leaves - mixed media - Lindsay Olson
Cambria Leaves - mixed media - Lindsay Olson

Nina’s Flying Picture’s Sketchbook is here in Tuscany. I’ve been feasting my eyes and senses on it for the last couple of days and getting totally stressed because I don’t want to add something that will let down the stunning standard of work already done by Nina, Glen, Vivien, Ronell and now Lindsay. I’ll try to find time to make a slideshow of the whole book, meanwhile It is worth exploring the older posts here to see all the beautiful paintings already posted from this particular book in our sketchbook exchange.

Nina’s theme is Polychromatic Behaviour and it has inspired work of the most glorious colours. Lindsay’s mixed media painting of Cambria Leaves knocked my socks off and I’m sure anything I put beside it is going to look ‘faded’ by comparison.

Could someone please send chocolate?!!!

Casey’s Book

This is Vivien’s work in Casey’s book. Her amazing landscape work pushes the boundaries again!!!

You have to see these in person!


And now for Ronell’s work in Casey’s book. Only such a sure hand could make these bold sketches!


Now I have to figure out how to follow these beautiful contributions!


Vivien’s Pages in Nina’s book


This is Lindsay here. I offered to post these beautiful landscapes of Vivien’s in Nina’s book for Ronell who is feeling under the weather.  Ronell, I hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs and kisses…..

Vivien’s amazing strip landscapes defy gravity. This is the most unusual format I’ve ever seen for landscapes and I’m amazed at just how much information Vivien is able to pack into  this format.

I can’t seem to load in the third page where Ronell has overlapped her work around Vivien’s work…drat. Casey, I’ll have to ask your help by email.

Flowers for Glen from Lindsay

The theme of Glen’s book is Flowers and Lindsay has created a beautiful garden full of lillies.  How on earth does one follow this?!

I’m very slow to make a start on Glen’s book, it is so stunning – beautiful Chinese brush paintings of flowers by Glen, amazing painting, sketching and embossing by Vivien (how did you do that?!). Ronell takes her magical, loose brush to a French village festooned with wisteria and now Lindsay’s fabulous cut-outs.  I’m off to Venice for a few days, seeking inspiration!

More of Casey´s pages

Viven´s book has landed safely in Sweden today. I´ve been drooling over so much beautiful artwork here! It´s amazing how LONG these accordion books are getting by now, I needed almost the whole livingroom floor to spread this one out completely.

These are Casey´s pages in the book. They are so interesting, collage mixed with stamps mixed with drawing mixed with watercolours… I love them.