Flowers for Glen from Lindsay

The theme of Glen’s book is Flowers and Lindsay has created a beautiful garden full of lillies.  How on earth does one follow this?!

I’m very slow to make a start on Glen’s book, it is so stunning – beautiful Chinese brush paintings of flowers by Glen, amazing painting, sketching and embossing by Vivien (how did you do that?!). Ronell takes her magical, loose brush to a French village festooned with wisteria and now Lindsay’s fabulous cut-outs.  I’m off to Venice for a few days, seeking inspiration!


6 thoughts on “Flowers for Glen from Lindsay”

  1. Wow – that’s gorgeous – so bold and effective. Each of these books challenges me (us?) in a new way it seems. Take your time, Robyn – I leave for the States on Wednesday for a couple of weeks, so there’s no point in rushing.

  2. very bold :>) and dramatic and unusual

    yes, they challenge ‘us’ Casey – count me in on being challenged :>)

    Robyn you’ll come up with something interesting again I know

    the texture was because it was a collagraph printed on damp paper and then worked into. So the paper picks up the texture from the plate, which had string and bits stuck to it . It’s a technique that needs and etching press and I let my membership of the Print Workshop lapse as I wasn’t managing to get in to use it – so i can’t do them at the moment :>( I want a press of my own.

  3. Vivien – many thanks for your explanation. Coincidently, I’m finally starting a printmaking course today. I’ve been waiting for well over a year. It’s three months of classes and studio access. I’m sure you’ll know just how excited I am 🙂

  4. oh Robyn you’ll LOVE it!!

    I look forward to seeing the results

    I keep trying to justify the expense of a small etching press – but there is always something else that needs the money more!

  5. Love this Lindsay, I can imagine this scene, with its vivid colour and prominent shapes, popping up with “coup de theatre”, when opening the pages! And your choices of colour couldn’t be more perfect..I’m eager to see the following spread of our talented Signora in Tuscany!

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