Casey’s Book

This is Vivien’s work in Casey’s book. Her amazing landscape work pushes the boundaries again!!!

You have to see these in person!


And now for Ronell’s work in Casey’s book. Only such a sure hand could make these bold sketches!


Now I have to figure out how to follow these beautiful contributions!



8 thoughts on “Casey’s Book”

  1. Ronell I really love your free flowing sketches – you catch a place so well in such lovely fluid lines and splashy colour :>)


  2. Oh my goodness! Stunning work, Vivien. I also love the way you have presented the last two against the black, it really makes the colour vibrate.

    Very classy sketches, Ronell. I always love your line and tone.

    I fear the bar has been raised yet again and I still haven’t made a start on Glen’s book and now I know Casey’s book is probably on the way too, I may just have to have a whiff of smelling salts 😉

  3. Thanks for posting Lindsay..
    vivien, when I recieved this some time ago and saw your Leicester autumn, I knew that it was my favourite of all of your work I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person so far. It is so rich and warm in colour and exciting in movement – I could almost catch the seeded stems in the foreground moving. And of course, seeing the other two scenes added the chocolate to my dessert!
    And thank you for the kind comments on the statues…
    Looking forward to seeing your addition, Lindsay….your lucious oil pastels, or maybe one of your intriguing collages?

  4. thanks Ronell :>) I do hope you are feeling a little better

    I’ve got Robyn’s book from Glen to work on – and as I’ve just come back from a week at a house just feet from the sea – I think it may be seascapes again!!

    We had a fabulous variety of lights – blue blue blue and intense, greeny turquoise, pale jade and lavender and wild and stormy sea and rain :>)


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