Lindsay’s Leaves in Nina’s Sketchbook

Cambria Leaves - mixed media - Lindsay Olson
Cambria Leaves - mixed media - Lindsay Olson

Nina’s Flying Picture’s Sketchbook is here in Tuscany. I’ve been feasting my eyes and senses on it for the last couple of days and getting totally stressed because I don’t want to add something that will let down the stunning standard of work already done by Nina, Glen, Vivien, Ronell and now Lindsay. I’ll try to find time to make a slideshow of the whole book, meanwhile It is worth exploring the older posts here to see all the beautiful paintings already posted from this particular book in our sketchbook exchange.

Nina’s theme is Polychromatic Behaviour and it has inspired work of the most glorious colours. Lindsay’s mixed media painting of Cambria Leaves knocked my socks off and I’m sure anything I put beside it is going to look ‘faded’ by comparison.

Could someone please send chocolate?!!!


10 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Leaves in Nina’s Sketchbook”

  1. Robyn, I felt exactly the same way when I recieved this book. Just stick with your own unique and rich work!!!! Now I can post this on my blog…..yea

  2. One more thing: Robyn, your photo is soooooooo much better than my own ..again. So I hope it’s ok if I use it on my blog. Thanks for making me look good.

  3. How can you do that, Ronell, when there is not one ounce of chocolate in this house! How has my life lead up like this – a still incomplete contribution to Nina’s sketchbook and no chocolate? I’m about to have a cup of tea. Sob!

  4. It all comes down to good organizing Robyn..having chocolate in the drawer at all times- I’m awaiting your book from vivien, so I’m boosting my “immune system” with enough chocolate – so I can be ready! As if…!
    Enjoy your tea and I’m looking forward to your addition in Nina’s magical book(and your book!)

  5. It is a shame isn’t it, that we are not going to see some of the final pages in real life. At least you and Casey can share, as can Vivien and Glen. Meeting up somewhere would be wonderful!

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