Robyn’s “Different strokes – book” in Montlouis.(with Ronell)

Robyn’s book, Different strokes, took off from Tuscany one sunny  day in May and this is how she sent it off…

…May in Tuscany…

After stopping at Casey, Nina, Glen, each adding their own colour and story written on the back, this is how it arrived here in Montlouis with the last pages done by Vivien.

…Vivien’s pages…


…an extract from Vivien’s usual “story-notes”…

I’ll have to roam the chambers of my free spirit to come up with some interesting strokes to fill up my pages in this wonderfully  warm and inspiring book, all the while taking the cue from Robyn’s bee…Not to take myself too serious! And then off to Lindsay!

And lastly: Lindsay’s canoe is on its way home…



Peek from Glen´s book

Here´s part of what I did in Glen´s book. It´s a gorgeous book! These lilies are on our kitchen table (well, only one left now) and they are WONDERFUL to draw – their shapes and bold colours just shout “draw me!”. I´ve done five or six drawings of them lately, and thought they would fit nicely into Glen´s theme too.

The book is on it´s way to the post office today, have to buy another kind of envelope than the ones I have at home – these books are getting kind of thick by now… 🙂

So, Glen, your book is on it´s way home!

Vivien’s sketchbook arrives home!

I can’t photograph it just now but will asap – it’s lovely and I’m really enjoying looking at it again and again and ……….again!

Robyn thank you for the special feather!  and for others who added to the little stash in the back of the book!   With the pheasant feathers Glen has just given me I can see I’ll have to do some more feather sketches!

Ronell I have your book and will complete it asap and get it sent on to you – it’s looking gorgeous.

Casey´s contribution to Polychromatic behavior

Polychromatic Beahavior returned home a few days ago – fantastic! What a feeling to get it back and finally get to see all your work in my book! Yes, I have seen it online before, but it´s not at all the same as actually holding it in my hands, browsing through it… The artwork in this book is awesome – thank you, fellow participants, thank you!

This project has been so inspiring and fun, and I have truly enjoyed every part of it. All the books that have passed by Sweden had their own personality, their own “air”, and it´s been both a challenge and a joy to try to follow the theme or the athmosphere in each book.

These two pages are Casey´s contribution to my book – such a perfect choice of subject! I started the book with the view from my kitchen window, and Casey ended it with the view from her house! Thanks, Casey, and thank you so much, the rest of you too!

Lindsay’s Paintings in Casey’s Book

Casey’s sketchbook Local Colour is now with me in Tuscany.  The Tuscan sun finally showed itself again today and I was finally able to take some photographs of Lindsay’s beautiful oil pastels.

Lake Michigan Sketches – 2008

I think that second one is my favourite but the photos really don’t do these gorgeous little paintings justice.  The colours absolutely glow.

Casey’s book is full of all sorts of delights.  It’s the first time I’ve actually held any of Casey’s art in my hands and it is bursting with local colour.  It is also bursting with talent through pages from Casey, Nina, Glen, Vivien, Ronell and now Lindsay.

I’ve posted a couple of other surprises I found in Casey’s book HERE on my blog.

Casey’s is the last of the Flying Pictures Sketchbooks to reach me so when I’ve added my pages, that will be the end of a wonderful Summer of art and friendship.  I can see why everyone is saying we should do it again.

Polychromatic Behaviour – Last Stop Before Returning to Sweden

I’m excited and sad to have finished Nina’s book!  What a responsibility, being the last in such a gorgeous series.  ina set the tone in this one with a beautiful wtercolor of the view from her apartment last Spring, and I’ve closed it with a view from my roof this Autumn.  I love the way it sort of encapsulates the summer of 2008.  All of the paintings are vaguely familiar, as I’ve been following along on this blog, but what a difference to see them in real life!

Here’s a preview of Robyn’s entry – I’ve chopped it up a bit in the scanner, and I apologize for that.  Beautiful, warm colors, a great view of Venice, and Robyn’s beautifully controlled approach.  Those messy splashes on the last one are from me – but she asked me to do it – honest!

Nina and Vivien’s pages in Lindsay’s book, posted by Ronell.

In the previous post I posted their pages as part of the whole book and here are some close-ups of their stunning work.

I love “studying” every book I receive. First I browse from the back, like I would a magazine. Then I page from the front, thoroughly enjoying the visual stimulation and then I start reading what was written and all the linework and then I start studying: how did she get those magificent colours, how did she do that gradation, how did she put together that collage, what are these marks, how did she achieve that perfect line, how did she do those hightlights on the water…and when I finally send off the book, I am a “richer artist”!

I haven’t yet made any addition..I’m still “studying” and sleeping with Lindsay’s book under my pillow to have the inspiration seep into wherever it needs to be… The page I added in the previous post, was just a temporary loose page I quickly made to “present” Lindsay’s canoe.

…Nina’s pages…

…Vivien’s pages…