closer ups of Glen and Lindsay’s books

I wasn’t very happy with the tiny images – so here are some larger ones where you can actually see the work!

First of all Lindsay’s book:

her rocks ended in a ragged shape – the blue seas of Sennen Cove that I added were a welcome sight for Lindsay’s little red canoe after that wild storm :>)


and then in Robyn’s book:

those busy busy people on the beach :>)


Author: flyingpictures

After hearing about several molesking exchanges, I, Lindsay in the US, decideded to act on my wishful thinking and asked Casey ( France), Ronell (France) and Vivien (UK) if they would join me in a mad, traveling art adventure. Later, Nina(Sweeden), Robyn (Italy) and Glen (UK) joined us and we officially became international journalling ambassadors with our Flying Pictures Project.

7 thoughts on “closer ups of Glen and Lindsay’s books”

  1. This all SO, SO beautiful!! I can feel the stormy seas and thereafter the sun coming out and FEEL the relief of calmer waters. Such wonderful atmosphere by both of you! I love that I’m seeing this soon.

  2. I just realized that this book is still making its way to me…so Nina, if you want to post your pages earlierlike vivien asked, do go ahead. Earlier I though I’ll quickly run downstairs and fetch the book…My head’s not completely “there” sometimes!

  3. I know that feeling well Ronell!

    All your entries in this book have been gorgeous – Nina’s are lovely and Glen and I both took elements from it to link – those lovely collage papers were an inspiration! and the canoe them, There is a really strong thread that links the elements in this one because of this.

  4. What a beautiful combination of Glen’s and Vivien’s talent dancing together on these pages – inspired.

    And another peek at those wonderful people on the beach – I can’t wait!

  5. These are such strong images. I hope I get to see them in person. Ronelle, please, call me the second this arrives!

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