Glen’s work in Lindsay’s book

First of all – apologies to Nina – I’ve parcelled the book up and forgot to photograph your work for Glen – Ronell please would you do it when it arrives?  or Nina maybe you could post them?  I’m really sorry I simply forgot < blush >   At the moment I’ve got 2 FPP;s and a moley to pass on so was hurrying with the photography.

these aren’t the best photos – not sure what I’ve done

Glen left those rocks for me and the blue seas are Sennen Cove – I thought after Glen’s wild and vicious, fabulous stormy seas it deserved a little R&R!

These pages of Glen’s are fantastic – and the story weaves in and out of the work – the whole book is fabulous!


Author: flyingpictures

After hearing about several molesking exchanges, I, Lindsay in the US, decideded to act on my wishful thinking and asked Casey ( France), Ronell (France) and Vivien (UK) if they would join me in a mad, traveling art adventure. Later, Nina(Sweeden), Robyn (Italy) and Glen (UK) joined us and we officially became international journalling ambassadors with our Flying Pictures Project.

1 thought on “Glen’s work in Lindsay’s book”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how everyone has been so inspired by the journey of Lindsay’s little canoe – its journey ties the book together so beautifully, you really are going to have to publish it, Lindsay.

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