Ninas work in Robyn’s book

Ok this post is on behalf of Glen

Fabulous studies of people by Nina  – with character, lively and beautifully caught

and on that last one you can see the beginning of Glen’s work

You are so good at catching a likeness and attitude without any fuss or uneccesary marks Nina


Author: flyingpictures

After hearing about several molesking exchanges, I, Lindsay in the US, decideded to act on my wishful thinking and asked Casey ( France), Ronell (France) and Vivien (UK) if they would join me in a mad, traveling art adventure. Later, Nina(Sweeden), Robyn (Italy) and Glen (UK) joined us and we officially became international journalling ambassadors with our Flying Pictures Project.

4 thoughts on “Ninas work in Robyn’s book”

  1. What a treat to have some of your people, Nina. For such a long time I thought you only painted beautiful streetscapes, then I saw your people – awesome. Since people are not my strength I’ll not only treasure having these but might be able to learn something as well! Thank you – I love them!

  2. Nina, these are just exquisite. You do people so beautifully in watercolor – and I adore the chocolate reference. Awesome transition!

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