Glen’s Book

Wow – Glen’s book has been here over a week, and I’m going to have to say goodbye now.  It’s been great having it around – it’s been no trouble but very entertaining.  I was a little shy at first when I saw Robyn’s beautiful entries, but, having after all been through this 5 times before, I quickly pulled myself to gether and got on with it.

It’s becoming something pretty substantial.  Here it is spread out on my dining room table.

Robyn’s work in it is up to her usual high standards.  Here it is, up close.

On the last page, you can see the beginning of my work – it’s fun to see the contrast between my style and Robyn’s, and all of the other interpretations of the flower theme. This gets more interesting as the books grow.

It’s exciting, but sad to see that this project is drawing towards a close.  While I can’t wait to see my book again, I hate the thought of not doing this anymore. Who’s up for another round?


Author: caseytoussaint

I'm an American who's been living in France since 1985. Married to Michel (who's French) and Mom to Claire, Damien and Paul. For a long time I did the work of a 'professional American in France' eg translation, interpretation, English teaching....and spent a lot of time and energy refurbishing an old house in the Loire Valley. Now I'm trying to put more energy into drawing and painting.

3 thoughts on “Glen’s Book”

  1. I’m up! it’s been so much fun

    Robyn these ar beauiful – you;ve caught those lovely old narrow streets and higgledy piggledy buildings in a lovely way – great composition.

  2. The whole book looks fantastic, doesn’t it, Casey spread out on your table. I can see you’ve gone to town with a whole lot of beautiful, loose and lively flowers. We are going to have to wait for Nina to turn the page for the full effect. I wonder whose book will be first home.

    Thank you, as every, for your lovely enthusiastic review of my efforts. I was happy with the street scene but felt my performance fell away towards the end. I think I will need until at least early 2009 before I could pull myself together for another of these exchanges. Then, of course, if one happens without me I’ll be devastated. At least I still have your book to look forward to.

  3. I’m so sure I left a comment here?
    I saw your additions at casey, Robyn and I was just so struck by the warmth of your Tuscan scene and that stark white petals with a perfect shiny beetle! And what a lovely ending in that trailing ivy! Your work is beautiful and so rich, I enjoy every addition in every book you did.
    I have’t yet seen Casey’s pages, but I’m about to on Tuesday…and by having this glimpse, it feels like a gift waiting for me!

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