Captain’s log – Lindsay’s canoe, 2008

Absolutely in love with Lindsay’s “storybook”, with her permission, I bring you snippets of the adventures of her canoe up until where it rests at my(Ronell) place, waiting to turn back home. I’ll post close-ups of Vivien’s and Nina’s pages(which you haven’t seen yet) tomorrow.

Home -where I took off in May 2008

…Starting off from Chicago, US…

…First stop in Italy with Robyn, romantic waters of Venice…

…On to Casey in France, pausing by the the Chateau…

…Spending time with Nina in Northern Sweden…

…Surviving harsh storms in Glen’s England…

…Calm waters through the rest of England to Vivien…

…Anchoring at Ronell in France, turning back home…


Author: Myfrenchkitchen

I live in an unspoiled corner of France. Along with my family, horses and chickens, art and shows, we're restoring an 18th century farmhouse, we commute to Paris, enjoy an everyday café et croissant, paint, photograph, cook and is never dull.

5 thoughts on “Captain’s log – Lindsay’s canoe, 2008”

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for posting my pages too, I looked for my photos of that book, but I think I must have stored them on a computer up North, so I can´t get them right now. I love that everyone got hooked on the idea with the canoe, what a story!

  2. thanks Ronell!

    isn’t it fantastic? I think the canoe link worked fantastically well in this :>) and really made people link the work in an exciting way

    I like your addition :>)

  3. I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a couple of weeks now…I’m so happy I logged on to read the latest “Captain’s Log”. I’m so delighted I can’t stop smiling….This is MY book!!!!! Thanks so much everyone. I just love it to pieces. I can’t wait to see it in person except this means it’s all over.

  4. Works wonderfully well, doesn’t it. I love the way you’ve personalised the canoe in your addition, Ronell. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve done.

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