Robyn’s book will be travelling on to Ronell soon

I’ve got the dreaded lurgy – bronchitis – and I’m feeling very sorry for myself!  but as soon as I feel up to getting to the post office Robyn’s book will be on its way to Ronell.  

There is some really lovely work in it from Robyn’s lovely atmospheric olive grove, through Casey’s beautifully free sketches of France, to Nina’s well observed  people interwoven with great backgrounds and Glen’s intensely busy figures on the beach – and now I’ve added ….

Well apart from this bit you’ll have to wait and see when it arrives at Ronell’s :>)

I wonder if my book has arrived at Glen’s yet?   I must check.  I’m dying to see it!


4 thoughts on “Robyn’s book will be travelling on to Ronell soon”

  1. Looks beautiful, Vivien, I´m looking forward to seeing the rest. Your book should probably land any day now at Glen´s, I sent it off Saturday.

  2. I think that’s you, Vivien, a self portrait, sitting sketching on the beach! Well that’s how I imagine you, anyway.

    I’m so excited about all the beautiful work in this book and now I have the rest of yours to look forward to. I can’t wait!

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