Nina and Vivien’s pages in Lindsay’s book, posted by Ronell.

In the previous post I posted their pages as part of the whole book and here are some close-ups of their stunning work.

I love “studying” every book I receive. First I browse from the back, like I would a magazine. Then I page from the front, thoroughly enjoying the visual stimulation and then I start reading what was written and all the linework and then I start studying: how did she get those magificent colours, how did she do that gradation, how did she put together that collage, what are these marks, how did she achieve that perfect line, how did she do those hightlights on the water…and when I finally send off the book, I am a “richer artist”!

I haven’t yet made any addition..I’m still “studying” and sleeping with Lindsay’s book under my pillow to have the inspiration seep into wherever it needs to be… The page I added in the previous post, was just a temporary loose page I quickly made to “present” Lindsay’s canoe.

…Nina’s pages…

…Vivien’s pages…


Author: Myfrenchkitchen

I live in an unspoiled corner of France. Along with my family, horses and chickens, art and shows, we're restoring an 18th century farmhouse, we commute to Paris, enjoy an everyday café et croissant, paint, photograph, cook and is never dull.

6 thoughts on “Nina and Vivien’s pages in Lindsay’s book, posted by Ronell.”

  1. These are such rich pages… I can hardly contain my excitement at seeing them up close. Nina, your island is so rich and beautiful…sitting jewel like in the middle of all that lovely water.

    Vivien!! How delightful that you have send me some of your marbeling experiments.

    I could not be happier with my whole book…..I can’t wait to hold it in my hot little hands.

  2. Forgot to say… I think there might be 4 cranes in these pages which is an amazing considence. Today we were canoing and saw lots and lots of Sandhill Cranes stopping by on their migration south.

  3. Beautiful!!!! Now I see that Nina has used the cranes and little Japanese flowers as collage too and what a feast of treasures from Vivien. Lucky Lindsay.

  4. I think we we all used the cranes – they were on that lovely paper in the envelope of collage pieces :>) and I’m afriad that the marbling is from there as well – I did those before I did my marbling experiments – it was such lovely paper and so suitable though :>)


  5. Now I remember those cranes…they are on pink Japanese paper. May seems so long ago…I forgot what I put in the envelope!

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