Polychromatic Behaviour – Last Stop Before Returning to Sweden

I’m excited and sad to have finished Nina’s book!  What a responsibility, being the last in such a gorgeous series.  ina set the tone in this one with a beautiful wtercolor of the view from her apartment last Spring, and I’ve closed it with a view from my roof this Autumn.  I love the way it sort of encapsulates the summer of 2008.  All of the paintings are vaguely familiar, as I’ve been following along on this blog, but what a difference to see them in real life!

Here’s a preview of Robyn’s entry – I’ve chopped it up a bit in the scanner, and I apologize for that.  Beautiful, warm colors, a great view of Venice, and Robyn’s beautifully controlled approach.  Those messy splashes on the last one are from me – but she asked me to do it – honest!


Author: caseytoussaint

I'm an American who's been living in France since 1985. Married to Michel (who's French) and Mom to Claire, Damien and Paul. For a long time I did the work of a 'professional American in France' eg translation, interpretation, English teaching....and spent a lot of time and energy refurbishing an old house in the Loire Valley. Now I'm trying to put more energy into drawing and painting.

7 thoughts on “Polychromatic Behaviour – Last Stop Before Returning to Sweden”

  1. this is lovely Robyn – so Nina is likely to be the winner – first book back!

    whatever will be do when it’s over ??????

    apart from constantly look again at our lovely books :>)

  2. I love Nina’s cover on its return, it looks so lively!
    And once again, beautiful vibrant scenes from you Robyn. I love that exuberant red building with its billowing curtains!
    And now the waiting to get a bigger peek at that stingy little corner of Casey’s!
    You have a beautiful book after 5 months Nina.

  3. Thank you, Casey I knew it needed those splashes! I was afraid I was going to make some awful blot if I did it and then I’d have had to start all over again. Now I can’t wait to see around the corner to your rooftop scene.

    It really is a beautiful and inspiring book to be part of, Nina.

  4. These books are so uplifting.
    And now we wave a Au revoir from Casey’s roof..
    A perfect ending.
    Except that it’s sad to close the cover.
    So it’s wonderful that each one of you will have a book to keep.

  5. I didn´t have time to comment on this until now – and now the book has returned to me! It came yesterday. It is SO beautiful, I´ve browsed through it several times, and will do so many more. This was an awesome project to be a part of, incredible, and I am so grateful for the work you all did in my book. I´ll be scanning Casey´s pages soon, just have to flip through the books a few more times first. 🙂

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