Lindsay’s Paintings in Casey’s Book

Casey’s sketchbook Local Colour is now with me in Tuscany.  The Tuscan sun finally showed itself again today and I was finally able to take some photographs of Lindsay’s beautiful oil pastels.

Lake Michigan Sketches – 2008

I think that second one is my favourite but the photos really don’t do these gorgeous little paintings justice.  The colours absolutely glow.

Casey’s book is full of all sorts of delights.  It’s the first time I’ve actually held any of Casey’s art in my hands and it is bursting with local colour.  It is also bursting with talent through pages from Casey, Nina, Glen, Vivien, Ronell and now Lindsay.

I’ve posted a couple of other surprises I found in Casey’s book HERE on my blog.

Casey’s is the last of the Flying Pictures Sketchbooks to reach me so when I’ve added my pages, that will be the end of a wonderful Summer of art and friendship.  I can see why everyone is saying we should do it again.

5 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Paintings in Casey’s Book”

  1. Again Robyn. what a nice job you ‘ve done photographing my work. Boohoo. I’m just waiting for my book to return. Then we need a new project.

    Has anyone else had a chance to read Vivien’s post on our yahoo group site? She’s proposing an interesting idea involving a Blurb book. Check out her message in your interested.

  2. Wow! I’m just dying to get my hands on this book! Thank you all for doing such beautiful work in it. I’ll vote again – the blurb book sounds like an excellent idea.

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