Casey´s contribution to Polychromatic behavior

Polychromatic Beahavior returned home a few days ago – fantastic! What a feeling to get it back and finally get to see all your work in my book! Yes, I have seen it online before, but it´s not at all the same as actually holding it in my hands, browsing through it… The artwork in this book is awesome – thank you, fellow participants, thank you!

This project has been so inspiring and fun, and I have truly enjoyed every part of it. All the books that have passed by Sweden had their own personality, their own “air”, and it´s been both a challenge and a joy to try to follow the theme or the athmosphere in each book.

These two pages are Casey´s contribution to my book – such a perfect choice of subject! I started the book with the view from my kitchen window, and Casey ended it with the view from her house! Thanks, Casey, and thank you so much, the rest of you too!


4 thoughts on “Casey´s contribution to Polychromatic behavior”

  1. What a lovely way to end your book. Casey, great idea and beautifully done. We need to think of a way to show all the books pages in one place…maybe a slide show format? Seems like May was only yesterday.

  2. a gorgeous ending :>) and I well remember the gorgeous beginning too

    I agree – we need to see the whole book now :>)


  3. Thanks to both of you – it really is a beautiful book. I’d love to see it again once it’s bound and really finished. Electronic images are great, but It’s so different to actually hold these books in your hands. It’s been a wonderful project, and thank you, Lindsay, for getting the ball rolling.

  4. Looks like a beautiful warm, Autumn morning in Amboise, Casey. Great light. What a lovely way to finish Nina’s book. I’m sad I’m not going to see it again IRL.

    It would be wonderful to see a slide show of the whole book, Nina. I’ll do one when my book comes home too. Meanwhile it’s far from over, I’m still painting the last pages of Casey’s book and looking forward to everyone else’s finish.

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