vivien: my book is home! slide show ……

My book is home and I love it!   I’m so glad I’ve been part of this exchange – I’ve loved seeing everyone’s work in real life, with time to study it before sending it on its happy way :>)

I can’t pick any one persons work out – I love all the original twists on my themes, the way you’ve each made it your own.

Nina has such a way with figures, I love the playing with scale of her huge feathers – or small people – and the background patterns she uses that take no account of perspective or reality and add so much to her work, not to mention the beautiful use of watercolour.

Robyn you’ve caught the irridescent feather beautifully – and sent it on for me to keep :>) and that fruit positively glows (my students were well impressed!),   and I got to see a  tumbling Tuscan town :>)  – like the alliteration ? ;>)

Ronell, that bustling market being drawn by the hands – positively Durer!  and beautifully characteristic of French markets and so imaginative to give it that twist :>)

Casey the playing with collage, lettering and stamps and interweaving them with your painting was great and gave my students some ideas of pushing their own work forward :>)

Lindsay gave me glowing waterways and a linoprint feather – again very different and uniquely Lindsay :>)  I must get back to my waterways project soon.

Glen gave me a  lovely murky pool with fish that echoed the feather shape, wriggling sinously through the weeds

All gorgeous :>)

I can highly recommend an exchange like this to anyone wondering about it – go for it!