Ronell’s gallery show in Robyn’s Book





Here are the pages Ronell’s created for Robyn’s beautiful book. Ronell has chosen to “hang” a charming show showing life in South Africa, a piece of history from England, a road side image from the south east US and the world’s most seductive fruit. Brava Ronell. What a beautiful addition. I’m off now to add my art to Robyn’s book and sadly bid it farewell. It’s my last book.


8 thoughts on “Ronell’s gallery show in Robyn’s Book”

  1. Every time we come to a goodbye it feels
    sad, but then I remember that we can
    continue to see them on Flying Pictures.
    I hope we can have slides of every one
    of them, here, when all the books come

  2. P.S. I forgot to say how much I like Ronell’s
    “Framed Gallery”of scenes from Africa, USA
    and England. Lovely sketches and what a fun
    idea to do it that way.

  3. Two of my favourite things, Ronell – elephants and pomegranates. Both painted with beautiful ease and spirit. You never cease to surprise and delight. It’s a beautiful gallery thank you. I can’t wait for this book to come home.

    No pressure, Lindsay 😉

  4. Thanks annie and Robyn!
    And thanks Lindsay…with most of the books home, I actually forgot that there might stull be images to post….so I’ll post vivien”s in my book (which is now home too) soon…and then I’ll post the slide show…or maybe I’ll wait for Robyn’s to get home too.

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