Rainbow moments returned.

Voici my sketchbook which returned a while back. Once all the books have been received, Lindsay will end off our project.

Thank you for such a rich collection of art! And see you all next year, same time same place?

(I apologize for the bad quality. The pics themselves are fine, but the moment they load onto slide, they start blurring, even though I tried tochange and adapt the size how many times!)

…take a moment…


Author: Myfrenchkitchen

I live in an unspoiled corner of France. Along with my family, horses and chickens, art and shows, we're restoring an 18th century farmhouse, we commute to Paris, enjoy an everyday café et croissant, paint, photograph, cook and write...life is never dull.

12 thoughts on “Rainbow moments returned.”

  1. What a lovely sketchbook! It’s really difficult – and invidious – to pick out any one picture as they are such interesting interpretations of ‘rainbow moments’. I’ve found the way you’ve had a theme for all your flying sketchbooks to be really interesting

  2. It is so beautiful – I’ve looked at it a few times now and every time something else jumps out at me – what a special project. I love how the different personalities come out in the sketchbook titles, as well as in the paintings.

  3. What a beautiful collection of fabulous works of art!!! Truly a joy and pleasure to look at all the different styles and images from each person. I can recognize several of them without looking at the artist’s name scrolling along the bottom.
    It’s a wonderful idea to send these sketchbooks around the world to collect vignettes for your remembrance and enjoyment.
    Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. I have run through the pictures twice and the pictures are clear and so beautiful. They must be spledid to see in “person.”

  5. I just sent off Robyn’s completed book so she should have it for Christmas. I miss your book Casey and it’s been so much fun playing this game with you!! I don’t want to close out the group untill all the babies have returned home to thier nests. So until then..

  6. What a bonus this post is, Ronell – I hadn’t seen Glen’s beautiful orchids or Vivien’s rainbow over the ocean. Amazing effort everyone has put in. Beautiful book!

    Now the postman will think I have a crush on him as I hang about the front door waiting for my book to arrive.

  7. How beautiful. Nina’s and Vivien’s additions are brand new to me, and the others are like old friends now. Seeing it takes me back to the summer – it all seems so far away right now!

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