Flying Pictures – Different Strokes

Not great light for photography today but I couldn’t wait any longer to share my completed sketchbook.  Thank you so much everyone!  This is a beautiful book of art.

Thank you too to all the friends who’ve supported this project so enthusiastically.  It made 2008 such a memorable year.


5 thoughts on “Flying Pictures – Different Strokes”

  1. It is so great to see your book robyn! It feels like it was on table h, seeing here just the other day. the imgaes bring back such nice memories…of browsing through it, seeing each image and thinking how typically this or that person it is/was. I was here earlier, didn’t leave a comment…and then I went to take out my book too…and remember! Thanks for letting us see your book!

  2. These slide shows are so lovely. I may spend my life replaying them on here.
    As Ronell says, the books are by now so full of memories that the replays
    bring up not only their loveliness, but so much of what we loved in them and the people fond of during their soaring flight.

  3. Sniff sniff. Thanks for posting your book and now we are officially complete. It’s amazing that NO book was lost in the post. What a strong finaly to our project. It was wonderful! I’ll have to do a last post when I get my table cleared off….

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