Flying Pictures Project Takes To The Air Again

Casey's Book Arrives Safely!

The project lives on! Flying Pictures Project will show in my local library this November and I’ll be speaking about our adventures on Thursday November 12Th at 7:00 PM. Casey’s book has made it back to the states and arrived on my front porch this week. I feel so lucky that I’ll have  the books in person to see them and promote the project.

For my talk at the library I’ll ask the librarians to pull sketchbooks from the collection to show, in addition to all of ours so  people can be inspired to keep a sketchbook and start a project like ours. I’m going to share Danny Gregory’s books and EDM site which was my original inspiration to take up drawing after a long hiatus. If anyone has suggestions about the books I should have on hand, please leave your suggestions in the comment section.

Here’s my tentative list so far:

Something by Hannah Hinchman

Frida Kahlos sketchbook

The Uncertainty Principal

Here’s the link for the Oak Park Public Library