5 books for library promo small
Five of the Seven
Flying Pictures Project Journals

Robyn, how I wish you were here to photograph all of these. Wish this photo was in your back yard in Italy!

In the Spring of 2008,  I invited three web friends in distant countries to help me plan a traveling artist’s journal project.  Our group eventually became seven artists on three continents united in our desire to have fun and exchange art and we  launched The Flying Pictures Project Now the project journals ( unfortunately not the participants) will be united for a display at the Oak Park Public Library. I’ll be speaking about our process, fun and art work  Thursday evening November 12 at 7PM at the Oak Park Public Library. The books will be on display at the library for one month and  you will be able to see them up close in person on the night I’m speaking.  I wish all of the Flyers were going to be there with me to speak….sigh. Some day!

I’ll also discuss how anyone can start a journeling project and demonstrate how to make a simple pamphlet journal. With very simple tools and  daily paper ephemera anyone, even people without art training, can create a rich, satisfying  visual journal.

In another week or so, I’ll post a tutorial on how to make a pamphlet stitched journal with simple materials.

I’m so excited to have five of our journals in my hands. They are so beautiful in person. After all those rotations of books, I can know exactly which person made which art work. That’s how each of our unique voices  shines through the pages of these special journals.

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  1. You are a trooper, Lindsay. This is so exciting. I wish is were there too – but only to see all those books together, your photo is excellent.

    That must be Glen’s sketchbook in the centre back. I’ve never seen the cover before or a lot of what is inside. Here’s a chance to add Glen’s whole book to this blog. I know that’s easy for me to say.

    Are the other two books on their way?

  2. That’s a good idea Robyn. That is actually the back of Glen’s book. (Mine has yet to have a back on….for shame!) Nina is very busy with some family issues and took a pass on sending her book. Not sure about Vivien. She’s very busy also.

  3. SO nice to see them all again Lindsay! It is exciting and I with I could be there or even just be a fly! that cover in the back looks beautiful! good luck, I’ll be watching here more frequently from now on.

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