Glen’s Book, At Last!

Glen’s book complete’s our formation of 7 slide shows. Check out her fancy back cover! (Yours truly has yet to make and attach her back…I better get moving! Tomorrow, I’m going over to the library to set up our case. I’ll have to rotate the books  throughout the month due to the size of the case.  I’m also showing some commercially published sketchbooks with ours to round out the display. If anyone else wants to send me copy to read on the night of November 12th, please drop me an email!


Sorry for some of the wonky crops.


5 thoughts on “Glen’s Book, At Last!”

  1. How gorgeous to see Glen’s whole book. It stirs such happy memories. Such beautiful spreads from everyone and the cover deserves a frame!

    Thank you for finding the time to make the slide show, Lindsay and bringing Flying Pictures to such an exciting conclusion with your Library exhibition.

  2. Thanks you two and Robyn, for your very gentle nudge to scan Glen’s book! I’d forgotten it was the last one left to do.

    I’m very excited about the display and the talk. Will fill you in after the event.

  3. That looks wonderful – of course I’d seen a lot of it in real life, but I’d forgotten how pretty it is – and I don’t think we’d ever seen the last page. thanks Lindsay!

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